Why isn’t my cashback appearing on my account?

There may be a delay registering your Cashback. This can take up to 48 hours after your order with the retailer via Widilo. 

If the delay occurs for over 48 hours, it may be due to several reasons. 

  • you didn’t click the button “activate Cashback” before your purchase;
  • you were not signed into to Widilo when you activated your Cashback according to the retailers record;
  • your search engine blocked the cookies or you used an external blocker such as AdBlock;
  • you simultaneously navigated on other sites; 
  • you used a promo code not provided by Widilo;
  • you finalised your order over the phone.

If you believe to have followed all the conditions in regards to receiving your Cashback but your Cashback has not been registered, please contact Customer Service by filling out this form.

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