How to configure Mozilla Firefox?

When you activate Cashback, we place a small file called "cookie" on your browser. This file indicates to the merchant that you come from Widilo. Therefore, your browser must:

  1. Not block cookies
  2. Accept third-party cookies and cross-site tracking
  3. Not use an Adblock-type ad blocker

On Firefox firefox.png, here are the settings:

  1. Launch Firefox

  2. Go to Firefox Preferences via the top right menu button (3 horizontal lines)uk-1.png

  3. In the Privacy & Security tab, choose Custom then uncheck the boxes:
    • Cookies
    • Tracking content

  4. Go to Firefox Add-ons manager via the menu button at the top right (3 horizontal lines) then select Extensions

  5. Disable your ad blockers (Adblock, Adblock Plus, uBlock, Ghostery etc...)
    But don’t deactivate the Widilo Cashback Reminder extension 😉

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