How to configure Google Chrome?

When you activate Cashback, we place a small file called "cookie" on your browser. This file indicates to the merchant that you come from Widilo. Therefore, your browser must:

  1. Not block cookies
  2. Accept third-party cookies and cross-site tracking
  3. Not use an Adblock-type ad blocker

On Google Chrome chrome.png, here are the settings:

  1. Launch Google Chrome browser
  2. Access Settings via the top right menu button (3 vertical dots)

  3. Then go to the Privacy and Security menu > Site settings

  4. Go to Cookies and site data

  5. Make sure to:
    1. Allow sites to save and read cookie data
    2. Do not block third-party cookies

  6. Via the button at the top right and go to More Tools > Extensions

  7. Disable your ad blockers (Adblock, Adblock Plus, uBlock, Ghostery etc...)
    But don’t deactivate the Widilo Cashback Reminder extension 😉

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